Mowers New Holland

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Wide choice of New Holland mowers for you

LandMec is a company specializing in the sales of mowers across the UK. Our range includes Kuhn and New Holland mowers, model years and price categories.

New Holland has a wide range of disc mowers to respond to farmers’ individual needs. Customers can choose the mower which is right for their crop, their fields and their budget. The cutterbar is really at the center of the mower. All models benefit from the cutterbar’s low profile design when the crop can be cut to a 40mm stubble height and harvest more of the crop.

There are two variants of New Holland front mounted disc mowers: DuraDisc F and DiscCutter F. The DuraDisc F mower is equipped with a pendulum floatation system following ground contours. The examples of front mounted disc mowers on LandMec are New Holland F360P and New Holland F320P. These DiscCutter F models benefit from a contour floatation system. You can notice the MegaCutter range of mowers on our website as well. There are models such as the New Holland 860 and New Holland 860P. The range consists of two pendulum cutting units with eight discs each.

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